ESUS is embarking on a big project of building a Paediatric and maternity care center, which requires huge financial capital to set up and operate. The decision was made based on the fact that there is no Pediatrics Center in Enugu state today where such services are affordable for the less privileged.


ESUS hereby solicits funds to enable it pursue its most pressing objective of setting up and running a pediatric centre in Enugu State, Nigeria. The first steps have already been taken.

Thanks to various donations at our Enugu Day Benefit event in August 2014 and the membership fees, in April 2016, we were able to acquire the necessary land, prepare the building plans and bill of quantities and in April 2019, we started construction work at our project site in Enugu State Nigeria.

We are immensely grateful to all our donors, especially the Municipality of Illnau-Effretikon, the Evangelical Reformed Parish of Illnau-Effretikon, the Catholic Parish of St. Martin Effretikon, the Association Solidarbasar Effretikon, the Municipality of Wangen-Brüttisellen, and all our donors for their generosity. Thank you so much. Without your donations, this project might not have started when it did.


All donations flow 100% directly into our supported projects. Most Administrative tasks are done by members of
ESUS. Costs resulting from our monthly meetings and fundraising events are partly financed with membership
fees. The rest of the membership fees go into our supported projects.

We kindly ask you to make a donation to support our Project. Please note that due to our commitment to transparency all donations will be published online in due time. However, Donors may request to not have their names published.

Thank you for your support.

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