Donation Action for the Construction of a Children’s Hospital in Enugu

The Enugu State Union Switzerland (ESUS) was founded in May 2011 by the citizens of Switzerland living in Switzerland historical eastern state (Enugu) founded.

The purpose of this organization is a common goal to help the people at home in social and infrastructural development. Hence the motto: Development and progress for the people at home.

The Union is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose aim is to participate in development projects for the less privileged population in their home country.

This is especially true in the areas of education, health, transport, recreation. Donations to charities and other social projects. These are either ESUS ‘own projects or cooperation with private organizations or the government of the state of Enugu.

The members of the union and their families are citizens of the state Enugu, resident in Switzerland. The Union is officially registered with the Nigerian Embassy in Switzerland and holds monthly meetings in Brüttisellen (ZH).


One area on which the Union has specifically focused is health care. There is currently no children’s hospital in Enugu State.

The children’s wards are housed in public hospitals. However, these are usually overcrowded, which means that the pediatricians do not have enough space and resources for optimal treatment of the children.

The Union thinks it is very important that a special children’s hospital – as is common here in Switzerland and in other industrialized countries – is built-in Enugu.

This would enormously improve health care and thus greatly reduce the death rate of children.

As a non-profit organization, we want to finance this project through sponsors, donors, benefactors, government support, and company donations.


Enugu is one of the 36 states of Nigeria and is located in the southeast of the country. The state was founded in 1991 by the old Anambra state.

The capital Enugu was founded in 1909 by the British mining engineer Albert Kitson after the discovery of coal.

After the railway line between Enugu and Portharcourt was built in 1912, Enugu became an official administrative district.

The first coal transport from Enugu to England was made in 1914 via Enugu – Partharcourt on rails to the coast of Portharcourt. As business increased, Enugu became a township in 1917.

During the civil war between 1967 and 1970, Enugu was the capital of the now-defunct Republic of Biafra.

Today the state of Enugu has approx. 4 million inhabitants, of which approx. 700,000 live in the capital of the same name.